Static Storage System Options

Easily stay organized and increase accessibility with static storage options from Conveyor Solutions, Inc.

  • Pallet Rack
    • Pallet rack systems are a safe, efficient way to clear pallets from the floor and keep your work site organized.
  • Bin Shelving
    • Build customized shelving systems to match your needs. Choose from various rack and bin sizes to suit a range of parts and accessories. 
  • Pick Module
    • Integrate different storage solutions inside multi-level work platforms and efficiently move product through a facility.
  • Carton Flow
    • Easily convert pallet racking into a productive flow system that can also consolidate space. 
  • Pallet Flow
    • Pallet Flow allows you to monitor inventory levels and can also save space and reduce the need for lift trucks in the storage area.
  • Wire Cages
    • Control access and distribution of products, tools, and equipment with wire cages.
  • Increase Pick Faces
    • Eliminate the need for bulky, static rack shelving and provides a compact, highly organized storage spaces.

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Strategic Care & Parts

We provide parts and service for all systems, and build maintenance strategies with you based on your needs. Questions? Get in touch today with one of our experts.

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