Sortation System Options

Optimize your sortation system

  • Diverts, Transfers, Pushers
    • Conveyor accessories from Conveyor Solutions, Inc. allow you to move products at right angles or shift items to an adjacent or parallel conveyor line
  • ARB
    • Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology allows for gentle product handling and high throughput.
  • Shoe Sorter
    • Divert shoes move diagonally across the slatted conveyor to gently push products to take-away lines.
  • Controls
    • Communicate with all automation control components on the operation floor with dedicated software from Conveyor Solutions, Inc. Barcode scanners, sorters, in-motions scales, and other devices can provide important information for your business when linked with controls systems. 
  • Cross Belt Sorter
    • Increase throughput with a cross belt sorter from Conveyor Solutions, Inc. Across belt sorter system allows you to sort fragile and high friction items at high speeds.
  • Tilt Tray
    • Tile tray conveyors belts utilize mechanically tilting trays to discharge goods on either side of the conveyor. This enables efficient transportation of sorted packages of almost any size to be tipped from the belt at the exact time.

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Strategic Care & Parts

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