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  • Pick to Light
    • Pick to Light can be used to optimize your processes in line and reduce your logistics costs considerably. The Pick to Light system also allows the exclusion of order picking errors almost entirely due to its simplified process.
  • Voice Pick
    • Pick by Voice from Conveyor Solutions, Inc. is highly efficient and ensures that employees have hands free access to products while communicating by headset. Pick by Voice systems can also be easily combined with barcode scanners and screen input devices to provide cohesive tracking throughout a warehouse.
  • Put Walls
    • Put Walls from Conveyor Solutions, Inc. provide an efficient sorting station to greatly enhance small order picking and fulfillment. Operators place inventory items into slots or containers associated with specific orders, warehouse zones or store locations instead of traveling around a warehouse searching for each individual item.
  • Zone Pick
    • Zone picking solutions from Conveyor Solutions, Inc. are a great option for companies looking to fill many small orders in a short delivery time. Zone picking reduces employee walking time while improving successful order fulfillment.
  • AS/RS Shuttles
    • Deliver products at high speeds with a flexible and scalable AS/RS shuttle system from Conveyor Solutions, Inc.. A form of AS/RS, this solutions delivers products via shuttle.
  • Pick and Pass
    • In a pick and pass system, orders are moved between pick zones via conveyor. As orders move from zone to zone, the picker responsible for one zone fills their part of the order before passing the order along. While this type of system is best for large operations with many orders and few picks per order, pick and pass can be applied to many different industries.
  • Print & Apply
    • Have your labels applied in the same place, at the same time, every time with a print and apply system. Print and apply labelers remove the labor from the process of printing, peeling, and sticking labels. Conveyor Solutions, Inc. will seamlessly integrate print and supply solutions into your production line.
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) 
    • AGVs can safely transport a variety of products and serve as an alternative to conveyors and forklifts. AGVs are a great option to reduce labor costs for business with a predictable, repetitive flow of materials.
  • Picking Cart Systems
    • Utilize picking carts in your order fulfillment activities for added mobility and flexibility. Operators can optimize their picking efforts by picking multiple orders simultaneously and without errors.
  • Shuttle
    • Quickly carry goods to designated pickers with this semi-automatic material handling solution. Shuttles are flexible, scalable systems that utilize containers to speed the loading, unloading, and picking process within manufacturing and distribution centers. Shuttles are utilized in a variety of industries to retrieve goods accurately and efficiently.

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