Automated Storage System Options

Choose from a variety of efficiency boosting automated storage solutions from Conveyor Solutions, Inc.

  • AS/RS
    • Use an Automatic Storage and Retrieval System to optimize pallet storage with fast material transport and short access times.
  • AS/RS Shuttles
    • Deliver products at high speeds with a flexible and scalable AS/RS shuttle system.
  • Pick Modules
    • Engineered racking systems that integrate different storage solutions inside multi-level work platforms to efficiently move product through a distribution facility.
  • Put Walls
    • Provide efficient sorting stations to greatly enhance small order picking and fulfillment.
  • Carousels
    • Increase output and lower errors with horizontal carousels.
    • Increase space and prevent small parts shrinkage with vertical carousels.
  • A-Frames
    • Improve order picking accuracy and capacity while minimizing labor requirements with an a-frame dispenser.

Not sure what solution best fits your project or where to start? The experts at Conveyor Solutions can help today.

Strategic Care & Parts

We provide parts and service for all systems, and build maintenance strategies with you based on your needs. Questions? Get in touch today with one of our experts.

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