Automate your pallet transportation with Global AGV's driverless forklifts.

Automating your company’s in-house transports does not have to be difficult, costly, or time-consuming – we have made it simple!  Regardless of the size and type of your business, you now have the option to automate simple pallet transports from A – B with the flexible and innovative driverless forklift, Global AGV – a standard product with short delivery time and payback period that is ready for installation in the existing environment in less than one week. By automating manual pallet transports, you release time and employee resources for other value-adding tasks. With Global AGV you will make better use of your company’s resources, increased efficiency, and improved productivity. The proven forklift technology enhances your company’s safety by minimizing damage and accidents in the warehouse, ensuring optimized internal logistics. The driverless forklifts are an investment that brings you one step closer to the automated future where you quickly will experience increased competitiveness and an improved bottom line.

- 60% savings on simple pallet transports
- Short payback period and no labor costs
- Flexible and easy route changes?Dual mode with manual operation capability
- Increased efficiency by working 24/7-365
- Reduced damage to goods and equipment due to collisions
- Improved work environment with safe transport
- Easy and safe installation and operation (Plug n’ Produce)

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Driverless Forklift Units

Automate your pallet transportation the easy way!