Top 10 Actionable Items to prepare for returning to work

Conveyor Solutions Top 10 Back To Work Actions
With all the changing targets and ideas, We have developed our TOP 10 list of specific actions to implement to help return to work safely.

As some states start to loosen their “lock down” status in response to the pandemic we find ourselves getting back to work in a much different environment.  We realize we must get back to work to jump start the US economy and provide for our families.  There are a lot of questions in regards to how we get back to work.  Where do we start in regards to allowing us to be productive but still adhere to social distancing requirements?  Here are the top 10 ideas (actually 11) based on our experience in the industry to help you get back to business in this “new norm”.  Each item is a link to a more in-depth blog on each action.

  1. Safety and Hygiene
  2. Reconfigure your Production lines
  3. Workstation Barriers
  4. Goods to Person Order Fulfillment
  5. Automated Materials Delivery - Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)
  6. Automate Repetitive Tasks - Collaborative Robots (Cobots)
  7. Manage Operator Pick Paths or Re-slot your SKUs
  8. Facility Entry Cage
  9. Hands Free Operation Technology
  10. Conveyor Rentals 
  11. Dividing Shifts to reduce density of workers - 
    1. Dividing shifts can be a complex process based on each facilities processes.
    2. If this can be done and remain efficient, your process will direct you for the unique steps to take.

We can help you implement any of the ideas above to get your operation back up and running!  Conveyor Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to making our customers successful.  We do this by building our team around our core values:

  • Integrity
  • Optimistic and Growth Oriented
  • “Make It Happen”
  • Passionate and Enthusiastic
  • “Own It”
  • Creative Problem Solver

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