Security & safety with a new driver cage

WireCrafter Driver Cage
Keep guests of your facility safe when entering

Equipment for your shipping and receiving dock goes beyond thinking about equipment needed to load and unload trailers. A commonly overlooked security and safety risk at the dock door is keeping the drivers and guests of your facility safe when they enter the building. A low cost Driver Cage from WireCrafters will keep welcomed guests in a secure area so they don’t accidentally walk into active fork truck areas or machinery work cells. The WireCrafters Driver Cage can be placed at any door to secure your building by preventing unwanted guests from entering your distribution center or factory floor without your consent.

The inside of the Driver Cage door can be fitted with a magnetic stripe or another solution to match your security requirements. The cages can be fitted with smart solutions like a service window for drivers or delivery personal to pass and sign paperwork or steel benches to provide a seat while drivers or guests wait.

Most of the cage parts are in WireCrafters Quick-Ship program and we can install them for you quickly. Contact us today to get a quote for a solution that will instantly reduce unwanted insurance risks by improving overall safety and security in any facility.