New Facility Designed for MJ Holdings

alpine Supply Chain and
Conveyor Solutions Partnered with Alpine Supply Chain Solutions to optimize the Facility Design based on historical order processing data.
MJ Holding has been in the trading card distribution business since 1993. Their effective category management process has helped the company expand its retail distribution footprint across 8,000 retail store locations located in the United States and Canada. Their continual growth means that they frequently need to scale to manage additional items, product lines, customers, and eCommerce orders. This led them to outgrow their current facility.

MJ Holding first partnered with Conveyor Solutions to develop a high-level cost estimate for a new facility and get the project approved. The company originally planned to copy their current facility layout and picking process with slight modifications to adapt to a larger space. But Conveyor Solutions brought Alpine Supply Chain Solutions in to perform a Storage Type Analysis (STA) to validate the plan.

According to Michael Wohlwend, Managing Principal for Alpine Supply Chain Solutions, “The results of the STA identified what of MJ Holding’s inventory moved too slowly and what percent of it moved too quickly for the planned case flow picking set up, which could result in significant replenishment issues.” A further sensitivity analysis on top moving inventory identified additional changes to the original plan as well. In the end, Conveyor Solutions and Alpine used all the data acquired to identify the most appropriate storage location for each item to be stored in MJ Holding’s new facility.

“The combination of Conveyor Solutions’ equipment and installation expertise and Alpine’s data-centric approach powered by Optricity’s OptiSlot DC™ (OptiSlot) Software, allowed us to learn important details about our business that we incorporated into the design and layout of our new facility,” said Mark Zabloudil, MJ Holding’s COO. “We expect the new design and layout will help us to not only increase overall picking velocity, but balance labor, and increase replenishment productivity.”

About MJ Holding LLC Company:  MJ Holdings is the largest North American distributor of trading cards (including gaming, sports, and entertainment), related trading card supplies, collectibles, toys, and hot trend items. The company provides retail supply chain management and specializes in category planning, planogram development, initial distribution, replenishment, and modular merchandising for their retail partners. Additionally, they support manufacturers who are looking for retail distribution of their products.

About Alpine Supply Chain Solutions:  Based in Chicago, IL, Alpine is a supply chain consulting company driven to ensure their clients get the most value from their investments. Their approach to every project starts with the data and ends with a cost justifiable solution. With deep roots in industrial engineering, Alpine’s approach is unique.

About Conveyor Solutions:  Conveyor Solutions works as an integration partner for automated material handling and storage systems for the supply chain industry. We focus on understanding the customer’s process and project expectations, then selecting the best equipment required to meet those needs. We build relationships one solution at a time.

About Optricity Software:  Optricity creates and supports warehousing analysis, optimization and performance improvement software. To develop its solutions, including the highly acclaimed warehouse slotting application, OptiSlot DC™, Optricity utilizes a blend of warehousing domain expertise, advanced mathematics and software engineering skills. The Platform of planning solutions includes slotting, profiling, integration, simulation, @Ease Warehousing Technologies™ and the Moves Conductor™ for warehousing operations.