KVK hosts the Systems In Motion Christmas Party

Annual Systems In Motion Holiday Party was a fun time for all

A huge thank you goes out to the KVK Team for hosting the invading horde of Systems in Motion employees last Friday.  The event was filled with good times, good food, some awards, and a few questionable games.  

Scott Lee presented a number of awards for years of service at the event.  Joe Kozman, Richard Vinyard, and Kevin Knourek combine for almost 100 years of knowledge in the industry, applications, solutions, and probably a few nightmares along the way.  This kind of experience is so important to all we do.

The culture committee worked hard, but not as hard as Ken in the shop for basically giving up his domain.  To thank him, we forced him to play "The 2 Jason's Family Feud" and watch some questionable Karaoke.  

Merry Christmas to all and Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!