Hytrol Announces Second Production Facility to Open June 2021

Hytrol Conveyor Company and Conveyor Solutions
Conveyor Solutions is proud to pass on the Hytrol Conveyor Company's plan to open a second facility to expand production capacity.

Hytrol Conveyor to Establish Second Facility to Expand Production Capacity

Today, Hytrol conveyor announced a second facility to open in June 2021. Conveyor Solutions is very proud to pass on this announcement to our customers. 

10-19-20 -  Hytrol To Establish Second Facility to Focus on Parcel Production.  

As we all know, 2020 has been a UNIQUE year (at least we hope so). The entire globe, our country and economy have faced threats and challenges none of us have ever experienced. Hytrol has been blessed and proud to play a key role in providing solutions to keep our country moving forward despite these unprecedented times. We are grateful for our integration partners and their customers for the opportunity to contribute to that effort, which follows several years of strong growth. We are especially thankful to all of the first tier Hytrol Family Members who’ve answered the call to design, build, ship and maintain the Hytrol conveyors that help keep products flowing to companies and doorsteps across this land. As you know, this confluence of increased demand in the midst of a pandemic has not come without problems. Our response has sometimes not met the high standards Tom Loberg laid out for us over 75 years ago. We’ve created uncomfortable strain on many of the relationships that we have worked hard to cultivate over the years. We don’t expect any let-up in demand and recognize we must respond with substantive measures to enhance our abilities. This message provides details regarding a significant step forward in resolving these issues and demonstrating our core value of commitment to everyone in the industry and community who trusts Hytrol. We are excited to announce that we will be setting up a second production facility outside of Jonesboro. We are investing $20M to create this new operation, and we expect to establish 200 full time jobs by the end of the first year of production. Over the last several months, many of our leaders worked diligently with the assistance of outside experts to develop a plan. They conducted an in-depth analysis of capacity constraints, growth projections, potential site locations, equipment needs, staffing requirements, and a timeline for operational effectiveness. That analysis led to the conclusion that a new location was the best option. Our Board of Directors and the Loberg Family have approved this plan, and our team has begun the work of implementation with an anticipated start date of the first part of 2021 with a rapid ramp-up. While we know the “what” and the “when” we haven’t made a final decision on the “where”. We anticipate announcing our final choice before the end of the year. We want to emphasize this new facility is in addition to Jonesboro, which will remain as our headquarters. We love Jonesboro – it’s our home. This is about growth, not shuffling jobs around. Our expectation is that the number of employees in Jonesboro will remain the same or even continue to grow. The focus will be to streamline operations in both locations and give our home facility the ability to leverage its strength in building our standard product. The second facility is being purposely designed for our parcel product line in order to have the capacity to meet the growing demand. Hytrol would like to thank all of our integration partners, customers, suppliers, and community members for the continued support. We are always working on improving our entire business and living out our core values. We believe the addition of this second production facility will greatly enhance Hytrol’s ability to continue providing the best solutions to the material handling industry through the largest network of industry experts.


David A. Peacock


Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc.