Conveyor Solutions Spirit Week was a good virtual and in person success!

We united, encouraged interaction and inspired company fun.

We had some good trivia fun, with winners from all departments Sales, Finance, Customer Service, Aftermarket, Project Management and Engineering. Thank you all who participated in Spirit Week and enjoyed the fun filled week. Employees had fun dressing up and enjoying the fun trivia.

Monday Sports Day (wear your favorite sport attire)
7/11 Sports trivial

Tuesday Animal Day (wear animal print, dress up as an animal)
7/12 Name that animal

Wed. 80’s Day (wear bright colors)
7/13 80’s trivia

Thursday Company Pride Day (wear a company shirt you own)
7/14 Employee baby pictures Guess who?

Friday Christmas in July (wear your xmas stuff)
7/15 xmas trivia

To end in the fun filled week we are doing a donation to Willard Elementary School in Elgin. We always try to give back to the community.