Why is Planned Maintenance Right for You?

The benefits of Planned Maintenance Conveyor Solutions offers several Planned Maintenance options that extend the life of your equipment and keep it working at peak efficiency. A small investment in Planned Maintenance today can save your company time and money later by preventing costly repairs and down time.

What’s included in a Planned Maintenance Program

Our experienced technicians provide regular scheduled maintenance for the components on your material handling system. Our Planned Maintenance Programs keep your equipment production-ready by conducting an extensive checklist to evaluate the health of critical material handling elements like the chains, belts, bearings and gear boxes and other system components like safety features and motors. Our highly trained technicians check for any wear, damage, leaks, or performance issues and make adjustments as needed.

A Planned Maintenance Program means:

  • Chains and sprockets checked for alignment and tension issues; set screws tightened and chains lubricated as needed
  • Bearings on flange and pillow block inspected for wear
  • Gear boxes inspected for leakage and excessive heat, changing oil annually
  • Air system/compressor checked for any air leaks
  • Sortation Devices:
    • Shoe sorter checked for sag, wear of shoes or slats
    • Diverter sorter checked for worn/missing drive bands, frozen wheels, worn wheel O-rings, functionality of divert pistons and spur gear teeth in divert buckets
  • Belts checked for tension and tracking issues
  • Belt surface, lacing and O-rings checked for wear
  • Carrying rollers and snub rollers checked for bad bearings or issues turning
  • Photoeyes and reflectors checked for dead spots and adjusting as needed
  • Safety guards and e-stop cables checked
  • Motors checked for functionality and performance
  • A complete Mechanical Report that notes any needed follow-up visits or repairs
    • Needed repair descriptions are detailed and include pictures, measurements and specific information like manufacturer, unit number, serial number
    • Platinum customer repairs are fixed on the spot whenever possible

    Can Conveyor Solutions provide the needed repair service?

    Yes! Conveyor Solutions has a full-time service crew on staff, equipped with all the necessary tools. We also have a mobile unit stocked with common parts. We can work around your operation to schedule a service call for a specific time and date.

    What if it’s an emergency?

    Conveyor Solutions offers the finest in emergency service to get your system up and running as quickly as possible. Day, night, or weekend, we are here for you.