Update your Hytrol EZ Logic to Generation 3 Controller System

Gen 3 EZLogic Controller
Hytrol has discontinued the supply of Generation 2 Controllers for the EZ Logic System. Conveyor Solutions has a program to upgrade to the newer Generation 3, Zero Pressure Controller System
Hytrol has discontinued the manufacturing of Gen2 - EZLogic Photo eye modules. Any replacement units you have in your inventory are the last of the new units available. If your system is down or individual zones are not working, your options are limited. Conveyor Solutions can help! We have an upgrade program designed to systematically upgrade parts of your system while restocking your inventory of available parts. As we upgrade the zones, we will test and verify the older Gen2 units. Provided these units are functional, you can place the controllers back into your parts inventory. As you get low on the Gen2 controllers, we can upgrade other sections of your facility.

Approximate Costs*:
50' section with 24" Zones? - $8,825 (includes Material and Labor)
*-Based on a basic stand alone system with easy access  to system.  Most applications will need to be reviewed for elevations, external control applications, special conveyor configurations, etc.

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