Safe Summer Travel Tips

Safe Summer Travel Tips from Conveyor Solutions

All of us here at Conveyor Solutions want you and your families to be safe if you are heading out Summer Family Trips, so here are a few tips we have compiled to ensure your travels are fun and safe.

1- Know and Beware of the Scams

Scams unfortunately are everywhere, whether you are traveling around the block or around the world. Before you depart, spend a few minutes looking up the most common and current scams noted for the area you traveling to. Here in Arizona, we need to be on the lookout for suspect credit card readers at gas station fuel pumps. This quick search can help identify some simple warnings to be aware of so you don’t get scammed out of an enjoyable trip.

2- Write Down Emergency Contact Info

When traveling things happen, from a flat tire on a busy freeway you are not familiar with to medical emergencies. Having all of the local emergency contact info along with important phone numbers saved in one accessible place will help have everything quick in a stressful situation. Using a simplified app on your phone is great as well as a laminated hard copy incase a stolen phone is the emergency.

3 – Check State Dept. Website  

If traveling abroad, you can visit the US state department website for current issues threats that pertain to the area of the world you are heading to. Keep a note that this site will give you all of the possible circumstances that may exist. Likely hood is defined differently, so research with optimism.

4 – Safeguard Your Valuables

While traveling, either domestically or abroad, utilize methods to safeguard you valuables. Use lockers with your own lock if possible, safes and other security measures to ensure that you make it home with all the items you took on you adventure.

5 – Insurances

There are several means of protecting yourself via insurance. Most travel companies (airlines, hotels, travel agencies, etc.) offer you the options to protect your trip investment. Review all options to decide which if any is right for you. Also, research if additional personal or vehicle insurance is required based on your travel location; such as Mexican Auto Insurance, home rental protection, or health care add-ons.

6 – Email your Itinerary to Family & Friends

As you schedule and book you destinations, compile a day by day outline of where you are going and specific locations that you are staying. Once your list is completed, send that out to friends and family so in case of an emergency, some will know your whereabouts, or expected whereabouts.

7 – Limit Social Media Posts While Gone

Traveling with your family and friends will make lasting memories that will definitely be captured on your camera. In the current world of technology and social media try to limit your posts, or at a minimum, limit the location or time stamps of those pictures you post. Those with poor intentions can track your absence and target your home while you are away.

8 – Crucial Supplies

While packing your bag with all of your essentials try to add in a couple emergency supplies that could come in handy. Items like a first aid kit, flash light, OTC medications, basic tool set, road hazard kit and like items may help keep an issue from becoming a problem.

9 - Be Aware of What You are Wearing

Do some research one where you are going. Limit flashy cloths and jewelry and safe guard your phones and cameras. If you are traveling specifically to a foreign country, look at religious and cultural customs to not where clothing the locals may see as offensive.

10 – Baggage

Keep your baggage close. Limit opportunities for your bag to be taken or tampered with. Looking into locking suitcases or adding a lock to your bag can help deter both. Never leave your luggage unattended and try your best to keep it tethered to you at all times you are in public spaces.