Modular Building Solutions

A-WALL™ Building Systems Provide a Fast, Versatile Construction Alternative

A-WALL™ systems are a modular, flexible alternative to costly permanent construction buildings. A-WALL’s prefabricated components can be assembled using common hand tools and structures can easily be disassembled, relocated or reconfigured as needs change. The versatile system of wall panels, doorways, windows and accessories like electrical boxes and soundproof panels can be combined to create a variety of structures. Options include personnel solutions like offices, lunchrooms, break rooms and technical structures like CMM rooms, laboratories, equipment enclosures and plant partitions.

The A-WALL system offers many accessories and custom features. Industrial flooring products include heavy tiles for high traffic areas and carpet with glue-free installation. All flooring options have interlocking dovetail joints for a smooth, easy fit. A variety of acoustical solutions are available for noise reduction including wall panels, ceiling tiles, drapes, hanging baffles and other barriers and enclosures. These creative, durable soundproofing designs create new possibilities for in-plant facilities like conference rooms and offices. Custom cabinetry and casework fabricated in wood and plastic is perfect for a cafeteria, break room or lobby. A-WALL offers a variety of pre-wired electrical panel options for conduits, data boxes, electrical devices, outlets and MC cables. These pre-wired options greatly reduce the time and difficulty of electrical installation. A-WALL™ systems are great for plants, offices, industrial or retail spaces and provide a significant advantage over traditional permanent construction.


"A-WALL's modular buildings are the fast, flexible and affordable alternative to current construction supply chain and labor delays. My project was installed and ready for use before I would have received my stud and drywall quote." -Mark S., Operations Manager

"We were able to make use of underutilized space in our facility with A-WALL's pre-engineered mezzanine offices. An A-WALL modular building was installed above the mezzanine to make use of overheard space and to free up productive floor space. The entire process, including installation, was quick and easy!" -Graham B., Owner & President

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