Free Webinar Conveyor Safety: Best Practices in Operation and Maintenance | Jan. 28 at 1PM CST

Free Webinar on Best Practices for Conveyor Safety by Boyce Bonham, Chair of the CEMA Safety Committee (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association)

With so many warehouses and distribution centers utilizing conveyors to facilitate load movement and transport, they’ve almost become part of the landscape and easy to take for granted. And yet, as safety is a top priority when integrating any automation — including conveyors — into a warehouse operation, it is critical to exercise caution in both their use and maintenance.


In this 30-minute webinar, moderated by Alpine Supply Chain Solutions’ Michael Wohlwend, conveyor guru Boyce Bonham will detail the industry standards and best practices that are both important and useful for safely integrating conveyors into an operation. Bonham will share a collection of tools available to help with training operators and maintenance personnel to safely interact with conveyors. Participants will also learn what standards should be followed when utilizing conveyors, how to safely operate them, and the proper procedures for safe conveyor maintenance and repair.

This session is ideal for operations teams currently using conveyors (or thinking of implementing new conveyor systems), as well as for persons responsible for equipment maintenance and operator training.

The webinar is part of the formal, two-year alliance formed by OSHA and the Midwest WERCouncil. The two organizations are working together to provide training, outreach and education to WERC members and industry stakeholders on reducing and preventing exposure to common safety and health hazards found in our industry. Among the areas of focus are material handling, forklifts, loading docks, conveyors, machine guarding, machine safety procedures and struck-by hazards.

Presented by: Boyce Bonham, Chief Engineer, Hytrol Conveyor Company

Boyce Bonham’s career in the conveyor industry spans 35 years, during which time he has served in multiple engineering functions including equipment and system design. An active member of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA), Bonham has served in multiple positions including Chair of the CEMA Engineering Conference and Chair of the CEMA Safety Committee.