Family Fitness Project

At home Family Fitness
Fitness Program put together for students and parents for staying fit

I wanted to pass this on as an opportunity.  Below is a modified statement from G.W. Mix.  GW has a number of roles at our local high school.  Parent, Varsity Lacrosse Coach, Student Advocate and Family Liaison to Administration and Teachers, "Challenge Success" Parent liaison, etc.  This was rolled out to the CDM Lacrosse team last week.

"As gyms and other workout facilities have been forced to close, we realize that everyone at home could use a fitness plan suitable for the entire family. In my role as Student Advocate and Family Liaison, I (GW Mix) asked Pat to put together a program we could share with the CDM community. Over the past few days, Pat and his colleague Kyle Eastman have worked tirelessly to build a simple and easy-to-manage program for all of you. We are excited to announce the CDM Challenge Success Family Fitness Project, a collaboration with Cuirim Sports Recovery.

The program that Pat and Cuirim Sports Recovery has put together includes daily workouts, at several different levels of difficulty, that can be effectively done at home by everyone in the family.

Just click on the link below to get started.

I sincerely hope you find the program helpful. Be sure to stay healthy and make the best of the newfound time you have with your family."

The Link to Family Home Workout Program is working, just not blue.

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