Facility Security with Driver's Waiting Areas/Cages and Safety Guardrail

Wirecrafter Driver Cage
With today's environment we need to do all we can to keep our Employees Safe and Healthy

Securing the entrances to your facility is important.  Many facilities have never installed a "Drivers Cage" to secure a space for the drivers to wait until they can be helped.  These small secure welded wire cages provide a safe place for the drivers or warehouse visitors to wait.  With today's environment, these small secure rooms are even more important and the use of them has expanded beyond just a Drivers rooms.

Typical wall panels are roughly 4' x 8' and available in 1' increments.  The modular design allows Security Cages to be created in many shapes and sizes to match your facilities needs.  

Another option to create a small waiting area could be the High Visibility Guardrail.  The Guard rail can be used to keep visitors and employees out of a traffic zone for fork trucks.  These are not the standard galvanized highway rails.  These are solid steel, heavy duty units intended to stop fork trucks from damaging equipment and protect pedestrians.  Components to create your custom, safe, and secure zone are ready for immediate shipment.  For more information, use the link below or give us a call.

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