Essential Projects and Services Remain Available

CSI Mechatronics Fleet
There will be no disruption to our support of the supply chain industry.
We are maintaining our support of the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Material Handling industry.  Many companies within these industries are essential to providing products or services in response to the current global pandemic.  If your facility is operational we are here to support you.  Many states have, and others may, enact lock down protocols.  As these are announced, Systems in Motion Group will continue to monitor and adjust how we can provide support for your operations.  If you need Facility Improvements, Material, Maintenance, Spare Parts, or projects to increase the efficiency of your operations, we are able to help.

In a letter to the Systems in Motion group, Scott Lee (President) said, "In summary, there are sections of the Order which define the types of businesses classified as “essential”. Fortunately, for all SIM companies, we are classified as “essential”. This is mainly because we supply, service, and perform projects for other companies also defined as “essential”. For example, shortly after receiving a copy of the Order, we received a spare parts order from a medical company requiring these components to insure uninterrupted service of their products. "

Maintenance and spare parts are available and will continue to be ordered and processed as usual. There will be no disruption to our support of the supply chain industries.