Best Practices for General Conveyor Maintenance

Conveyor guy for maintenance
The type of inspection and maintenance performed on conveyors varies depending on the design of the machine. Performing routine planned maintenance on your equipment will lower the amount of downtime significantly.

Best Conveyor Maintenance Practices

Here are our top 7 best practices for maintaining a range of conveyors:

  1. Belt Condition –(Belt over roller, belt under roller, orings between rollers) Check for dry rot, damage to belt or lacing, and proper position. – Loose belts can slip when heavier product is flowing through. This can cause changes to timing and spacing.   *Tip from our Service Manager: Loosen the belt enough to be able to fold it over with your hands to get a better view of possible dry rot, damaged areas, etc.  Some wear is hidden on the underside of a belt.
  2. Chains – Lubricate chains, check tension, and check for excessive wear or rust.
  3. Sprockets – Check set screws and excessive wear on teeth or rust.
  4. Bearings – Check for excessive wear, or loose conditions.  Non-Sealed bearings need to stay properly greased.
  5. Pulleys – Check for proper alignment, excessive wear of shafts and integrity of lagging. Excessive wear of lagging can cause a belt to travel to one side and become damaged.  *Tip from our Service Manager: With the conveyor locked out – run your hand across the belt where the lagged pulley is and check for lumps, bumps or divots. 
  6. Photo eyes – Clean photo eyes, properly align and check condition.  A misaligned photo eye will create a dead spot and stop the flow of cartons in this area.  A damaged or missing reflector will cause a photo eye to malfunction.
  7. Reducers – Unsealed reducers need their oil changed yearly, and the oil level checked regularly. The correct amount of clean oil will prevent the reducer from overheating and failing.  Examine seals for dirt or oil marks, this may be caused by situational overheating and should be noted for future replacement.

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