Best Practices for Carousel Maintenance

Carousels come in a variety of different models and sizes. To maximize efficiency for any carousel, proper and routine maintenance is key.

Best Carousel Maintenance Practices

Here are our top 9 best practices for maintaining a carousel:

  1. Proper Track Sizing – The length of the track needs to match the length of the chain of bins, or you may be at risk for a derailment.  *Tip from our Service Manager – To verify track sizing, run the carousel manually so that one castor is dead center of the nose end. Lock out the carousel and lay on the floor shining a bright light towards the leading side of the castor to verify the center of the castor is properly aligned with the center of the track.
  2. Chains – Lubricate chains check tension, and check for excessive wear or rust
  3. RPM readings – Ensure that RPM’s for motors match – Different RPM rating will create a push pull effect causing a mechanical failure.
  4. DC Motor Brushes– Severely worn brushes won’t make proper contact with the motor, causing the motor to operate erratically causing mechanical failure.
  5. Carousel Tracks - Grease carousel tracks.  An unlubricated track can cause damage to the motor and wear out tracks. Tracks need to stay properly greased.
  6. V-Belt Integrity – V-belts should run smoothly with proper tension and no cracks or dry rot. Loose belts can cause inconsistent RPM readings.
  7. Reducers – Unsealed reducers need their oil changed yearly, and the oil level checked regularly. The correct amount of clean oil will prevent the reducer from overheating and failing.
  8. Setscrews – Check for loose setscrews on bearings and sprockets to prevent these items from moving out of place.  
  9. Link Assemblies – Check for bent or damaged links. Damaged or broken links creates the risk of a carousel derailing.  Tip from our Service Manager: Using a very bright light check where the links attach to verify that they are in good working order.

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