Product Spotlight: Versatile and Easy-to-use Flexible Conveyors

Versatile and Easy-to-use Flexible Conveyors


Flexible Skatewheel Conveyor

BEST 300 Gravity

Flexible Skatewheel Conveyors are perfect for truck loading and unloading. They are commonly used for packaging, shipping, and flexible assembly lines. The simple expansion and contraction of these conveyors makes them ideal for temporary applications.

  • Models available with both 200 lbs. and 300 lbs. capacity per linear foot.











Flexible Roller ConveyorBEST Roller Gravity

Flexible Roller Conveyors handle heavier loads than skatewheel conveyors, and are ideal for odd shaped items that are heading in/out of a facility.

Power Roller Conveyors

  • Convenient for truck loading and unloading, distribution centers, packaging, portable assembly lines, shipping and receiving.

Roller Gravity Conveyors

  • Ideal for transporting odd shaped items that can easily get hung upon skatewheel conveyors.


  • Moves conveyors in and out of trucks for increased efficiency when loading and unloading.




Loader/Unloader Rigid Conveyor

Used to account for the potential height differences between truck beds and shipping docks, and the distance between your permanent conveyors and the nose of your trailers.

BEST Rigid Telescopic

Drive-In Roller Conveyor

  • Power in-and-out with no operator effort for improved ergonomics.

Rigid Drive-In Belt Conveyor

  • Suited for truck loading and unloading, distribution centers, shipping and receiving.

Telescopic Belt Conveyor Loader

  • The perfect choice for high volume shipping applications.




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