Totes and Containers...

Conveyor Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer a wide variety of totes and containers.  Much of our selection is available online however if you do not see what you are looking for you can contact us.


fiberglass assembly trays

Fiberglass Assembly Trays These fiberglass assembly trays offer unique solutions to material handling situations with a wide variety of sizes and configurations.  Widely used on conveyors and in rack systems, they can withstand the heat as well as the cold of many applications.  These fiberglass assembly trays are well suited for the drying of chemicals, pigments and pharmaceuticals.  Fiberglass trays are also used for soaking, cleaning, and spill containment, in addition to conveyor and assembly uses.

attached lid container totes Attached Lid Container Totes Reusable shipping, distribution and storage container totes. Attached lid container totes are ideal for use in order picking, closed-loop distribution, and storage applications. Two NEW versatile sizes of heavy-duty reusable containers.  Attached lids snap securely closed to protect contents from dust or damage. They stack for maximized storage and nest when empty saving space. All sizes have the same footprint and can be stacked on each other for easy pallet loading.
dividable gird containers Dividable Grid Containers  Heavy duty dividable grid containers can be used in industrial, commercial, electronic and health care industries! Storage, assembly, fabrication and distribution are applications where heavy duty grid containers are valuable. These dividable grid containers offer the safest and most efficient method for compartmentalizing and protecting small to medium sized parts.
louvered panels and racks Louvered Panels & Racks  Order your louvered panel system where Ultra bins will hang on louvered panels or bin hanging systems in a wide range of configurations designed to meet all applications! Our louvered panel systems can be customized to meet suit your needs with various colors and sized to fit perfectly within these bin rail systems.
nest and stack totes

Nest & Stack Totes Develop a heavy-duty customized storage system. Nest and Stack totes are designed for storage, transfer and shipping applications.  Nest and Stack totes are designed for storage, transfer and shipping applications. FDA approved for meat and poultry applications. Nest and Stack totes stack with or without lids for dense storage and shipping, and nest when empty.


ultra stack and hang totes Ultra Stack & Hang Totes  Organize your inventory with strong injection molded plastic bins. Front, back and side grips for easy handling. Built in rear hanger allows bins to hang from louvered panels or rails. Optional clear plastic window increases bin capacity and provides quick view of bin contents. Dividers maximize flexibility and keep contents organized. Wide stacking ledge and anti-slide lock keep stacked bins steady and prevent forward shifting. Waterproof bins resist rust and corrosion. Large molded front label slots for ID labels.