Warehouse Management & Control System

VWare™ Warehouse Management and Control System

VWare™ is a Warehouse Management and Control software system that provides real-time, user-friendly warehouse management and control functionality tailored to address project and customer-specific requirements across a broad range of automated warehouse configurations. Its modular design provides unsurpassed flexibility and robust features that ensure a smooth integration with multi-vendor automated material handling equipment. VWare™ works as a standalone application to control a single type of equipment or as a fully integrated system to manage a variety of devices throughout your warehouse.

Developed to eliminate concerns of scalability, VWare™ grows and changes along with your business requirements and performs across an array of configurations for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. As a truly versioned product, it ensures quick and cost-effective implementation and provides a clear upgrade path without the cost and risks associated with customized software systems.

  • Conveyor Interface
  • Induction
  • Pick-to-light
  • Consolidation
  • Carousel
  • Packing
  • Sortation

VWare™ is designed to interface natively with automated material handling equipment like conveyors, sorters, automated storage and retrieval systems, order picking technologies, and print/apply and weighing systems from a variety of vendors. When multiple types of equipment are included in one system, VWare™ synchronizes inventory movement throughout the warehouse, saving time, resources and expense.

Reduced Labor Costs

Advanced process automation maximizes efficiency of operator activities, optimizes order batching and picking, and minimizes process redundancy.

Increased Performance

VWare™ has a guaranteed real-time response, advanced algorithms for first available picking in automated zones, streamlined operational flow, and synchronization of automated material handling equipment.

Improved Accuracy and Customer Service

Orders are verified throughout the fulfillment process with light and/or voice directed picking, putaway and inventory validation, unit scan verifications and automated order weight validation.

Reliable and Cost Effective Solution

VWare™ offers the best reliability and maintainability in the industry. Its modular architecture and use of object-oriented design and implementation methodologies allow you to add modules and expand feature sets with minimum cost and risk.

Configurable Host System and Equipment Interfaces

VWare™ can easily accommodate your system’s requirements, with highly configurable interfaces for both host systems and a multitude of standard and custom-designed material handling device controllers. It includes an extensive set of built-in message definitions, field types, formats, connectivity methods and business rules. The burden of integrating the activities of multiple automated material handling subsystems is no longer with the host system; VWare™ coordinates those activities and devices through native modules that interface directly with device controllers and existing subsystems. VWare™ can also accommodate situations in which order fulfillment processes are shared with tasks that are under the control of the host system.

Rapid Deployment

With the ability to easily configure objects, rules and feature sets, VWare™ is implemented quickly and cost effectively in almost any environment.

Configurability and Design Highlights

  • Database resident configuration for all object types: zones, storage units, business rules, material handling equipment controller interfaces, host systems and third party WCS applications
  • Highly configurable host interface supports FTP batch, peer-to-peer, message queuing, terminal emulation and more
  • Object-oriented material handling equipment interfaces support a variety of OEMs for automated storage and retrieval systems, lights and conveyor controllers
  • Individual configuration settings for system level, zone level and/or zone groups
  • Independent business rules for each kind and type of work
  • True object-oriented core product model (OOD)
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Client-server architecture
  • Runs on all Windows platforms (XP, 7, Server 200X, etc.)

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