Unit Load Spiral Conveyor

Unit Load Spiral Conveyor 1600-500

Unit Load Spiral Conveyor

Specifications – Model 1600-500

  • Outside Diameter: 7′ – 3″ (2200)
  • Centerline Diameter: 5′ – 3″ (1600)
  • Slat Width: 20″ (500)
  • Frame Width: 1′ – 11″ (590)

Modular Design

The innovative, modular design of this conveyor allows easy customization and modification in the field. For the ultimate accommodation, all spirals are made to order and available in 4 basic configurations, which aid in fitting most requirements relating to the location of the in and out feed tangents. Any configuration is able to operate up or down in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

Small Footprint

The spiral diameter is easily determined by the size of the loads to be handled. A broad range of sizes allows the Ryson Spiral Conveyors to be viable in the manufacturing, packaging, bottling, order picking, distribution, and warehousing operations of most industries.

Proprietary Chain Slat Arrangement

The innovative proprietary chain slat arrangement allows for a low friction operation. The slats are supported by precision steel roller bearings which ride on a polyurethane wear surface. The load carrying capacity of the chain is increased up to 75 lbs. per linear foot, while the arrangement also takes up the side forces created by a tight radius. This allows for low noise, high speed and long life.

Overlapping Slats

A smoother and versatile conveying surface is provided by the overlapping slats, which allow for various load sizes and types for speeds up to 200 fpm. Slats are constructed of a fiberglass reinforced nylon, and are offered in 8″, 12″, 16″, 20″ and 26″ widths. For slick items such as frozen products or plastic totes, slats can be furnished with friction inserts.

Custom Solutions

To meet certain layout requirements, the position and length of the in-feed tangent on up spirals and out-feed tangent on down spirals can be customized. Provided is a horizontal section at the in and out feed to insure smooth transition between the conveyors. Spirals are offered in stainless steel, powder coated carbon steel, freezer, and washdown versions.

Built In Protection

An automatic chain tensioning device and built in overload protection is featured in all spirals. The chain tensioning device is spring operated and a proximity sensor is sensing the correct operating position of the device. The overload protection device features an adjustable torque arm arrangement which connects to the drive motor. A proximity sensor senses when the device pivots during an overload condition and cause the motor to stop.

Manufactured by Ryson International, Inc.

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