Pallet Rack

Structural Pallet Rack System

The Structural Pallet Rack System is manufactured with durable structural steel C-Channels for increased strength and rigidity. Both 3? and 4? upright posts are available, and feature sturdy structural steel bracing. High-strength structural beams are available from 3? to 6? in height to meet the most heavy-duty load criteria.

Structural Rack

A 3? structural rack with teardrop punching is also available, which allows the efficient addition of interchangeable roll-formed beams. This type of structural rack is known as a hybrid structural rack, which is available with automatic locking devices instead of a bolted connection.

The structural pallet rack system is designed to prevent damage from forklift abuse. Posts and beams are constructed from heavy-duty structural steel and are thicker than roll-formed posts, especially at the corners, which are primary impact points.

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