Unit Load Spiral Conveyor

SpiralVeyor LogiLift Conveyor

SpiralVeyor LogiLift

In the logistics process, reductions in handling times and costs are the main motives. The SpiralVeyor LogiLift was designed precisely with these motives in mind; reducing costs and increasing throughput. The LogiLift puts the Spiral Elevator within the range of many logistical layouts. The functional benefits of this conveyor include; space saving, the continuous process, high uptimes and high speeds. This conveyor is specially developed for distribution centers and express mail whereby the transport of outer packaging and plastic (bin) totes must be carried out economically but efficiently. The LogiLift is used for transport from or to sorting systems, from storage systems or in connection with the loading area.

  • World leading Spiral Supplier
  • Save ± 30% on investment
  • “SpiralGrip” super grip spiral belt
  • Continuous flow
  • Compact footprint
  • High throughput

Manufactured by Ambaflex, Inc.

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