Rack Guard Safety Netting Systems

Rack Guard Safety Netting Systems

Rack Guard Safety Netting Systems help to raise employee morale and prevent accidents by protecting staff and customers from falling objects or stock that may fall off pallet racks, mezzanines, conveyors or shelves. There are material handling industrial nets and hardware available for all warehouse and material handling applications. Rack guard can be installed anywhere to reduce product loss and keep people safe. This includes vertically or horizontally; below conveyors, above sorting lines, and on the sides, rear or front of racks.

It is especially important to have a mesh system installed on single racks where inventory is loaded or unloaded from one side. Areas of heavy pedestrian traffic or work stations are well protected from falling inventory with pallet nets.

Use safety custom nets on gravity flow racks where the risk of injury is higher from excess or reserve inventory stored above in standard or push back racks.

Industrial nets are especially useful in flue spaces between back-to-back racks. These nets reduce product loss by preventing cartons from falling down into the flue space. It can also help reduce labor, since it can be labor intensive to clean up fallen cartons.

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