Label Printer Applicators

Print Feeder

In-Line Document Printing and Inserting Systems:

  • Intelligently print, accumulate, separate, insert and verify order documents.
  • Prints On-Demand in full color and In-Line.
  • Feeds and dispenses invoices, packing lists and other documents into variable sized boxes or totes on the conveyor line.
  • Uses standard letter sized photocopy paper with low operating cost printer.

Increase Your Line Speed

Direct labor cost savings can be realized through the automation of your packing lists and invoices at the packing station. PSI’s inline Print Feeder will print and insert documents, which improves the speed an order moves through the distribution center.

Order Throughput Can Be Increased 5X

Print Feeders can feed and insert up to 5X more documents in each tote. Providing multiple orders per tote minimizes the tote population and handling on the conveyor line, resulting in a higher order throughput.

Eliminate Bottlenecks in the Last 100 Feet

Sectional totes in particular are vulnerable to bottlenecks in the last 100 feet of the conveyor line because of the manual transfer of smaller products and matching documents from divided totes into shipping and packaging. PSI’s inline Print Feeder with FICS Software eliminates these problems.

Print Feeder with Folding

The Print Feeder DF system is for those who require their invoice/packing list to be folded before it is automatically inserted. The system prints multiple orders into a mechanical buffer, separates the orders then folds and feeds the personalized shipping documents.

Manufactured by PSI Engineering

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