Post Protectors

Post Protectors

Post Protectors protect the rack uprights from being damaged by forklift traffic, or pallets that are stored in the rack bays. Post Protectors help minimize the protector’s footprint and hide the anchors inside the protector to eliminate snagging on the anchor heads. Upright Support Protector adds strength to the rack. A second anchor point helps to increase racking stability.

Features and Benefits

  • Prevent damage to rack uprights, shelving uprights, partitions and many other factory and warehouse structures
  • Low cost method of reducing damage to expensive equipment and protecting personnel from falling rack structures hit by moving vehicles
  • Heavy duty ¼” thick steel protectors are easily mounted by securing to the concrete floor using four ½” diameter wedge anchors
  • Painted in safety yellow hard glossy finish for a durable, highly visible appearance
  • Standard sizes from 4.5″-8.25″ widths

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