Pallet Handling Equipment

PalletPal Spring 360 Level Loader

The PalletPal 360 Spring Actuated Level Loader offers workers complete 360 degree access to loads. This rugged Pallet Leveler makes loading and unloading pallets quicker, safer and easier. As boxes are added or removed from pallets, this automatic load leveler uses springs and shock absorbers to lower and raise loads. The turntable allows nearside loading and unloading, which adds convenience since all components are contained within the diameter of the turntable ring. Additionally, there are no protrusions or obstructions, so reach-over zones are eliminated. No power/air supply is necessary. This model can handle pallet loads up to 4,500 lbs.


  • Tubular steel frame handles loads up to 4,500 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty springs calibrated to bring pallet to most convenient loading and unloading height
  • Linkage design maintains level under uneven loading
  • Dampener provides gradual raising and lowering, and eliminates overshoot/spring bounce
  • Fork pockets also extend base for increased stability
  • Easily relocated by fork truck
  • Optional equipment includes a phenolic frame cover and leveling feet

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