Pallet Handling Equipment

Pallet Inverter/Rotator

The PalletPal Pallet Rotator/Inverter has the ability to handle pallet loads that measure up to 48″ x 48″ x 60″ high. This rugged machine is designed to invert entire pallet loads. The clamping mechanism is pressure adjustable, and easily secures loads up to 4,400 pounds and rotates them 180 degrees on a massive anti-friction turret bearing. Simply add the replacement pallet or slip sheet on top of the load, place the loaded pallet into the rotator/inverter, and use the remote control to clamp and rotate the load in about 15 seconds.

Common Uses:

  • For the replacement of broken pallets
  • Switching loads to or from in-house/shipping pallets
  • Transferring from pallets to slip sheets
  • Replacing damaged goods at the bottom of the load

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