Portable Dispenser

Mobile-matic™ Portable Dispenser

Portable Dispenser

The Mobile-matic™ Portable Dispenser takes your Automation to the next level by increasing order picking efficiency without increasing labor.

  • Ideal For Seasonal/Promotional Demand – The Mobile-matic™ is a great choice when SKUs have an increased demand during seasonal or promotional spikes.
  • Just Plug And Go! – This portable dispenser provides an easy-to-use Automation solution. Simply roll it up to your conveyor and connect the power and included network cabling.
  • Economical Entry – Mobile-matic™ is easily positioned next to your conveyor or small workstations.
  • Scalable And Flexible – This portable dispenser works side-by-side with your other picking operations.
  • Minimal Maintenance Cost – Because the Mobile-matic™ is a simple, straightforward solution, there is virtually no maintenance required.

Mobile-matic™ Portable Dispenser is Manufactured by SI Systems.

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