Mezzanine Safety Netting Systems

Manual MezzNet Netting System

Manual MezzNet has very few moving parts and is easily operated by any employee on the floor, which makes it the best solution for your loading and unloading processes. The Manual MezzNet Safety System easily raises and lowers the net by using a simple pull rope. The lightweight aluminum bar makes the system easy to deploy with a simple hand-over-hand action. This system is easy to install, requires very little maintenance and is available in both standard and custom sizes.


  • Economical mezzanine safety system
  • Easy to operate from the floor by any employee
  • Meets all OSHA regulations for workplace safety
  • Prevents workers from falling off mezzanine
  • Allows unrestricted access to the load area
  • Solid steel framework gives superior reliability
  • 8″ deep, nonintrusive footprint takes up minimal space

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