Label Printer Applicators

LC In-Feeder

Adds Versatility to New and Existing Order Fulfillment Lines

Feed items as compact as a Sim Card (2″ x 3.5″) and as large as a glossy magazine (11.7″ x 11.7″) with the same feeder.

3X Capacity of Standard Feeders

A distinctive characteristic of the LC In-Feeder is its double friction feeding feature, which shingles the product then performs the actual separation. This means you can load more product effortlessly and the resulting longer run time between loading delivers three times the capacity of standard feeders in the market today.

Feeds 60 Items per Minute

The 36″ load capacity of PSI’s Large Capacity In-Feeder 3000 allows for higher volumes of material to be intelligently fed into boxes or totes along your existing conveyor line. Why increase your warehouse space when you can increase your capacity and throughput with a PSI Friction Feeder?

Uninterrupted Feeding – Simply Load and Walk Away

Only one feeder is required for many different types of materials and products that need to be friction fed. PSI offers a ‘Quick Adjustment Feature’ when introducing new materials and this optimizes labor efficiency. Finally, the operator can add new material to the feed stack while it is running in-line, which allows for continuous operation of the automated order fulfillment line.

Lowest Maintenance Friction Feeder in the Industry

The PSI patented double friction feeding feature in this equipment delivers the longest running belts in the industry today – up to 2 years before belts have to be replaced. Compared to the average industry friction feeder that requires belt replacements every 6 weeks, means you save both replacement and installation costs in addition to increased run and up times.

Eliminate Human Error

Human errors that result from manually feeding materials are eliminated because PSI’s Large Capacity friction feeding system intelligently inserts materials by Barcode or PLC.

Manufactured by PSI Engineering

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