Shoe Sorters

Hytrol PROSORT 131 High Speed Sortation Conveyor

The Hytrol Model ProSort 131 is ideal for the high speed sortation of products which may be too small to be sorted on conventional shoe sorters. The ProSort 131 allows tiny and fragile items or groups of items to be sorted very easily. Products are transported on high strength, anodized aluminum slats. Divert shoes move diagonally across the conveyor at a predetermined location to push the product onto a take-away line.

  • Overall Widths – 26″, 32″, 38″, & 44″
  • Intermediate and Tail Bed – 14 in. deep x 1-1/2 in., 12 ga. formed steel frame powder painted
  • Drive/Catenary Bed – 19 in. deep formed steel frame-powder painted and 29 in. deep for over 75 ft. long
  • Slats are anodized aluminum supported at each end by bushings and extended chain pins
  • Pneumatic operated switch assembly mounted with rubber isolators for quietness and quickly removable for maintenance
  • Safety Switches located at infeed and discharge ends to detect stray divert shoes or internal jams
  • Shaft mounted gear motor mounted at discharge end on the opposite side from the diverts
  • Air Requirements – Free air consumption at 60 P.S.I.
  • Motor – 230/460V-3Ph. 60HZ. HP based on speed and length requirements
  • Capacity – Maximum load 25 lbs. per foot. Maximum unit load 50 lbs.
  • MHS Type floor supports are available with a wide range of adjustment
  • Minimum package size is 4-1/2 in. long

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