Turntables / Plows

Hytrol HDPT Power Rotated Turntables

The Hytrol HDPT Power Rotated Turntable is utilized for the rotation of products up to 180 degrees. The turntable is powered by a chain drive that is located underneath the table top, and it features proximity switches mounted on the base to sense position and control rotation of product. Turntable speed is approximately 3 revolutions per minute. A chain cable carrier conveniently keeps wires neat and out of the way. Any chain roller conveyor such as; 25-CRR, 26-CRR, 36-CRR, can sit on the table top. Due to sprocket sizes, only the 26-CRR or the 36-CRR is available with powered transition rollers; the others are only available with gravity transition rollers. The maximum capacity of the HDPT is 6000 lbs.

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