24 volt (low voltage) Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor

Hytrol 25-PVE24EZ 24 VDC Live Roller Conveyor

The Hytrol Model 25-PVE24EZ 24 Volt (low voltage) Conveyor uses a 24 VDC motor/reducer to drive Poly-V Belt driven thread rollers. This model efficiently handles pallets or cartons. The accumulation zones on this model sense the product presence and control the accumulation and release of the zones by starting and stopping the zone drives. E24 Conveyors have an extremely long life expectancy with a 125,000 hour design life, which equates to 10 years of continuous operation. There is very little maintenance required since there are fewer moving parts in the motor, and therefore it is not necessary to stock multiple part numbers.

  • Bed – Roller bed with 2-1/2 in. dia. x 11 ga. unplated rollers spaced every 3, 4 or 6 in. Tread rollers mounted in 4 in. x 4 ga. formed channel on side opposite chain guard and 5 in. x 4 ga. formed channel on chain guard side. Bolted together with butt couplings
  • Poly-V Belt Driven Rollers are J-profile, 8 rib roller to roller
  • Shaft Mounted 24VDC Drive
  • Adjustable HSN-Type Floor Supports are now supplied as optional equipment
  • Accumulation Zones are 4 in. roller centers, 32 in. to 120 in. on 4 in. increments. 3 in. and 6 in. roller centers, 30 in. to 120 in. on 6 in. increments. Frame length changes with the zone length
  • Maximum load per linear foot of conveyor is 250 lbs.

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