Solid Shelving

Gauge Louvered / Embossed Stainless Steel Solid Shelf – 1460LS – 14″ x 60″

Super Erecta Solid Shelving

Perfect for the application involving spillage. Provides barrier between floor and bottom shelf contents to deter contamination.

  • Shelf design features a 1/8″ raised “ship’s edge” on all four sides to contain spillage
  • Louvered/embossed shelf allows air circulation
  • Available in several styles and materials for a variety of applications. Shelves are constructed with 18-gauge stainless steel (Type 304) or galvanized materials.
  • Galvanized Shelves with uncoated cast corners are ideal for applications requiring a solid shelving or work surface and minimum resistance to corrosion. Available in flat solid and louvered/embossed styles
  • Standard Stainless solid shelves (Type 304) with epoxy-coated cast corners address the majority of applications for solid, corrosion resistant shelves or work surfaces. Available in flat solid and louvered/embossed styles.

Storage capabilities in your commercial kitchen are endless with the 1460LS 14″ x 60″ Super Erecta louvered / embossed stainless steel solid shelf. A sturdy, 18 gauge stainless steel surface with raised edges on all sides and corners contains spills and allows for easier clean-up, and the unique louvered / embossed design allows air to circulate under shelved items. With an 800 lb. load rating, this heavy-duty stainless steel shelf is ideal for storage in any kitchen; even those in wet, corrosive environments.

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