Modular Belt Conveyor

Dorner MPB Series Conveyor

Dorner MPB Series Conveyor

This conveyor is based on the 2200 frame-with low friction modular plastic belting. It also offers cut resistance belt benefits. Accumulation Conveyors are needed to ensure a steady supply of product to a machine or to hold a supply of product when a machine stops. In order to create accumulation conveyors systems low friction belting for the accumulation conveyors is needed. Low friction belts can either be urethane or modular plastic chain. All accumulation conveyors offer a low friction belting option or modular plastic chain option. The specifics of the application and products determine the best choice.

Dorner MPB Series Specifications:

  • Belt widths: 3″ – 23.25″ (76 – 591 mm)
  • Lengths: 2′ – 30′ (610 – 9144 mm)
  • Pulley diameter: 2.6″ (66 mm)
  • .59″ (15) pitch belt
  • Load: 150 lbs (68 kg) maximum
  • Sealed ball bearings

Dorner MPB Series Features & Benefits:

  • Small .59″ (15) pitch chain for smooth belt operation
  • Rugged plastic belt for accumulation, cut resistant, chemical resistant and heat resistant applications
  • Quick rack & pinion belt tensioning
  • No painted surfaces
  • T-slot for easy accessory mounting
  • Sprocket style drive pulley
  • Minimal catenary for smooth and safe operation


  • Packaging
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Automated and Manual Assembly
  • Sortation
  • Machine Parts Handling
  • Curing, Cooling, Heating & Cleaning

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