AquaPruf Sanitary Stainless Steel Conveyor

Dorner 7400 Ultimate Series Washdown (USDA) Conveyor

Dorner 7400 AquaPruf Ultimate Series Conveyor

Dorner’s AquaPruf 7400 Ultimate Conveyor Series incorporates new engineering designs for proper sanitation and fast cleaning. Suitable for food handling, pharmaceutical and clean room environments as well as other industries where sanitation and cleanliness are critical, the 7400 Ultimate washes down quickly to keep products moving. These conveyors feature solid stainless steel rounded crossmembers with no hollow tubes where bacteria could grow. Likewise, threadless stainless steel support stand feet eliminate points where dangerous bacteria could dwell. The conveyors can take high-pressure washings using water, soap, bleach, chlorine, alcohol or foaming chlorine cleaner without the risk of corroding bearings or other important components.

The Dorner Conveyor AquaPruf 7400 Ultimate Series has been engineered for Fast & Effective Sanitation in the most demanding environments. These include RTE foods, raw protein (meat – poultry – fish), dairy and other environments with high pressure sanitation requirements.

Dorner Conveyor – 7400 Ultimate Series Straight Specifications:

  • Belt widths: 6″ to 60″ (152mm to 1524mm)
  • Lengths: 36″ (914) to 999″ (25.4m)
  • Load: 20 lbs /square foot of belt (90 kg / square meter of belt)
  • Belt speed: 233 ft/min maximum (71 meters/min)
  • Frame material is 304 stainless steel
  • Bearing material is 400 stainless steel
  • Bearing lubricant is H1 type FDA lubricant
  • Wear Strip Material is solid UHMW
  • Welds are continuous TIG
  • Flat and Cleated Plastic Chain options available

Dorner Conveyor – 7400 Ultimate Series Curved Specifications:

  • Belt widths: 8″ to 36″ (152mm to 914mm)
  • Total Lengths: up to 99′ (914mm – 30m)
  • Load up to 20 lbs /square foot of belt (90 kg / square meter of belt)
  • Belt speed: 175 ft/min maximum (53 meters/min)
  • Frame material is 304 stainless steel.
  • Degree of curves: 15º – 180º
  • 8″ and 10″ widths available in 30º increments
  • 12″ through 36″ widths available in 15º increments

Features & Benefits:

  • Frame is constructed of continuous TIG welded 304 stainless steel and is designed with no horizontal surfaces for optimum cleaning.
  • All bearings are 400 stainless steel, filled with H1 FDA lubricant and mounted in cast stainless steel housings for maximum performance in washdown environments.
  • Solid UHMW wear strips are easily lifted out of the frame without tools to minimize cleaning time.
  • Belt tracking mechanism is constructed of 304 stainless steel and is externally mounted to the frame with adequate clearances for cleaning. No external threads are used.
  • Conveyor is designed to withstand high pressure (100-1500 PSI) spray and chlorinated solutions.

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