Sortation & Routing Software

CCS (Conveyor Control System)

Sortation Routing Software (SRS ©) is a Windows-based software interface designed to integrate plant-floor automation with order fulfillment automation. Data collected from plant floor components such as PLCs, barcode scanners, in-motion scales and dimensioners is coordinated with data provided by customer order fulfillment software to control material handling systems. Whether running from a dedicated, plant floor based PC or company secure server, the web-based CCS@ application provides local or remote graphical interface to production data and system functionality.


SRS© provides a single access point to allow:

  • Interface with virtually any of the industry leading warehouse Management System (WMS) packages. Real time data shared between CCS and WMS is maintained in a database for control and display:

o Shipping Label information

o Zone routing destination(s)

o Packaging Station destination

o Shipping destination

o Weight tolerances

o Manifesting

o Carrier Information

  • Interface to plant floor automation. Real time data collected from the plant floor is maintained in the database for control and display:

o Bar Code data

o RFID data

o Scale data

o Dimensioner data

o Material Handling System controllers (such as PLCs)

  • Interface to material handling equipment. Real time data from WMS and the plant floor are coordinated to control and monitor:

o Picking systems

o Zone Routing systems

o High Speed Combiners

o High Speed Sortation Systems

o Print and Apply Applicators

o Print and Insert equipment

Capable of being accessed by authorized users via a web browser, SRS© allows graphical interface to order information and system controls:

  • Conveyor Interface

Displays Log In screen and allows authorized users access to SRS©

  • Inter Process Communication

o Displays status of all connected devices


o Programmable Logic Controllers

o Bar Code Scanners

o Scales

o Dimensioner

  • Conveyor Monitor

o Displays all bar code scanner information, PLC status information, WMS routing information and pertinent alarm messages.

o Hyperlinks navigate to individual scanner logs

  • Scanner Log

o Displays all information regarding bar code scanner performance

  • Trace Log

o Allows real time order query information

  • Event Log

o Displays system events not related to production data

  • Alarm Log

o Displays and time stamps system alarm initiated and clear

  • Production Counts
  • Manual Pick/Pack Zone Assignments

o Allows manual zone re-assignment of orders processed by the WMS

  • Ship Lane Assignment

o Allows manual Shipping destinations of orders processed by the WMS

  • Feature Switches

o Allows manual override controls for mission critical decisions and equipment

  • Conveyor Layout Graphics

o Provides graphical overview of Material Handling Equipment

o Provides operational status indication

o Equipment running or stopped

o Lane Full Status

o Emergency Device Activation

o Faults

  • Device Lists and I/O status

o Allows manual control and monitoring of PLC controlled devices from the SRS application for maintenance and troubleshooting simplicity

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