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Carton Optimizer

Save Thousands Per Annum In Material Costs

The Packaging Optimizer automatically reduces the volume and amount of empty space inside outbound packages, eliminating the need for Dunnage or void fill.

Elimination of Dunnage or Void Fill

A distribution center that ships 10,000 cartons per day and pays an average of $0.25 per carton for Dunnage or void fill can save up to $600,000 per year in material costs alone.

Reduce Shipping Cost While Shipping More

Implementing the Packaging Optimizer into your Order Fulfillment line reduces the dimensional volume and weight of your packages. Not only will this minimize shipping cost for the individual package but it also optimizes the number of packages in each truckload. In this case Less Is More.

Reduce Labor

The sizing, forming and lid application processes are completely automated using a PSI Optimizer Packaging System. Variable sized cartons/boxes in a random order are automatically cut down to the fill height and sealed. The guess work is taken out of the equation with no need for manual involvement. The result is a streamlined order throughput on the line.

Manufactured by PSI Engineering

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