Column Protectors

Building Column Protectors

In the event of a collision, Building Column Protectors can ease the severity of the impact on the structural integrity of a column and/or building. Whether they’re guiding a forklift, maintenance vehicle, floor scrubbers, stackers, or electric pallet trucks, column protectors act as a visual reminder to drivers, particularly in low-light and limited-visibility conditions. As a result, building column protectors are available in standard yellow, high-visibility orange or bright lime green with reflective straps.

Whether it’s a low-force tap or a full-on collision at high speed, column protectors are there to bear the brunt of the impact.

These high-density, blow-molded polyurethane building column protectors are easy-to-install, as they come in two halves with straps that require no tools for installation. They fit a range of square or round supports in a variety of sizes.

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