Mezzanine Office

Above/Below Office

Above/Below Office

Pre-Engineered Mezzanine Buildings utilize existing space you already own by moving into your overhead space. Building above or below the mezzanine converts overhead space to productive floor space for a fraction of the cost of new buildings or signing a lease. Both levels of the mezzanine can easily be used to create a flexible 2-story building.

Elevated buildings used as in-plant offices let you place key people and functions high above the manufacturing level. Increased productivity and safety is often the result, with improved plant surveillance. If facility layouts change, the office can be relocated independently, allowing full use of both mezzanine levels. All designs conform to OSHA standards and all major building codes.

Build Above and/or Below the Mezzanine

Not only can you build above to free up floor space, but you can also build below with storage above. It is also possible to create a custom, 2-story building using both levels.

Manufactured by A-WALL Building Systems

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