A-Frame Dispenser

Dispen-SI-matic® A-Frame Dispenser

A-Frame Dispenser

The Dispen-SI-matic® A-Frame Dispenser is an automated order picking system that allows for a substantial output increase and a decrease in error quotas.

Using minimal cost and labor, this A-frame dispenser processes a large amount of split case orders. Dispen-SI-matic® stores product on both sides using convenient channels. The channels feature 24-volt DC electric dispensers, which releases items from the channel onto the conveyor. The flexibility of this dispenser also allows the channels to easily adjust in width, which aids in fitting various item sizes. For larger items, double wide and extra long dispensers are available.


  • Accuracy is substantially improved
  • Minimizes labor requirements while maximizing throughput
  • A-Frame allows for more SKUs to be picked automatically due to its ability to handle a wide range of products
  • Remote diagnostics, performance and troubleshooting reports
  • Optimizes floor space due to products being stacked vertically
  • Virtually no maintenance due to few moving parts

Dispen-SI-matic® A-Frame Dispenser is Manufactured by SI Systems.

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