New and Improved E24i Motor

New and Improved E24i Motor

Hytrol's E24i™ TechnologySeven years after rolling out its 24-volt roller motor conveying systems, Hytrol has made a significant upgrade to the motor itself. Dubbed the E24i™, the new motor integrates the E24™ motor and card into one unit. The original E24™ provided users with better heat dissipation and longer motor life span. The E24i™ goes a step further in increasing the usefulness of this product with the integration.

With the card and motor integration, the E24i™ offers these benefits for end users:

  • Reduced wiring for a cleaner look outside of the channel
  • Easier setting of consistent speeds with the use of dip switches rather than a tachometer and screwdriver
  • Enhanced reliability of card and motor by adding a dedicated motor driver chip to protect against the most common electrical failure sources

Models 190-E24 and 190-E24EZ now ship standard with the E24i™ motor.

The part will work for applications using the low-current setting on the current version of E24™. It will not work with a 3-amp setting, and inclines, declines and transfers will be supplied with the original E24™ motor and card.


Watch the video to learn more about Hytrol’s E24™ conveyor!


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