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Mezzanine Design Solutions

Our company uses the latest in mezzanine design technologies.  After an assessment of your needs, our state-of-the-art CAD department generates accurate and detailed drawings of your mezzanine project.  We’ll maintain a strict level of communication with your facility planners, engineers, architects or general contractors to insure that every important detail is included in the project.

Mezzanine Framing Solutions

Based on size, load capacity and span requirements, we provide the most cost-effective framing systems for your mezzanine project, including:

  • C-Section
  • Beam and Beam
  • Beam and Bar Joist
  • Joist Girder and Bar Joist

We offer nut and bolt assembly for easy erector set installation, which is less disruptive to on-going business.  Unlike permanent construction, these systems have the flexibility to be expanded or relocated.  Significant tax advantages may also apply in many cases. The factory applied electrostatic paint finish is available ins standard gray, or for an additional charge, we will match your custom color. Our free standing mezzanine framing systems meet national codes (including seismic), and accommodate all of your requirements from load, span and height to multi-levels.

Mezzanine Decking Solutions

We have a variety of mezzanine deck assembly options, depending on the intended use of your mezzanine.

  • Painted Roof Deck (Plywood, Floor Plate, Specialty Wood Panel, Concrete)
  • Bar Grating
  • Specialty Grating

Installation and Accessory Solutions

Our service can include factory-authorized installation, or if you prefer to install on your own, we will supply you with easy-to-follow instructions and drawings.

As your single source supplier, Conveyor Solutions offers a complete line of accessories for your mezzanines:

  • Hand Railings
  • Star Units
  • Platforms
  • Gates (swing, sliding and lift out)
  • Ladders (vertical/ships and caged)
  • Catwalks
  • Cross-overs

Mezzanine Structural Integrity

Structural Integrity and a Lifetime Guarantee.  We take structural integrity seriously.  We warrant our product to be free from structural defects in material and workmanship for the entire lifetime of the product.

In addition, Conveyor Solutions can insure every part of your project, from precise factory field measurements and PE sealed drawings to the complete installation of your mezzanine.  Our systems meet or exceed OSHA standards, and we’ll design them to meet BOCA, UBC or SBCC building codes.

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Planning Your Mezzanine
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