Lift Table Motor Replacement

Simple Steps for a Successful Motor Replacement

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STEP ONE: Locate the “hinged” end of the lift. Use a forklift, car jack, or hydraulic ram kit to raise the hinged side of the lift. If you use the opposite side of the lift, it could cause damage to the equipment.



STEP TWO: Carefully raise the lift.



 STEP THREE: Continue to raise the lift high enough to engage the maintenance chocks. If you cannot raise the lift high enough, be sure to use a reliable hydraulic jack.Lift Table Motor Replacement Step 3


STEP FOUR: Locate the hydraulic pump mounting bolts that attach the motor to the pump. 

Lift Table Motor Replacement Step 4

STEP FIVE: Remove the hydraulic pump mounting bolts. Remove the four bolts that mount the motor to the hydraulic fluid reservoir. Set the motor on the floor.Lift Table Motor Replacement Step 5

: Remove wiring for defective motor from the junction box. 

Lift Table Motor Replacement Step 6

STEP SEVEN: Identify the wiring schematic on the new motor. Determine the existing wiring as high voltage or low. Wire new motor accordingly.Lift Table Motor Replacement Step 7

STEP EIGHT: Mount the new motor onto the reservoir, and re-install motor coupling that probably fell on the floor back into the motor.Lift Table Motor Replacement Step 8

STEP NINE: Enjoy your repaired lift!  Lift Motor Table Replacement Step 9








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