Floor-to-Floor Solutions

Floor-to-Floor Solutions


Customer’s Industry: Liquor Retail Stores

Key System Solutions: Floor-to-Floor Conveying

Product Handled: Cases of Liquor, Beer, Wine, Non-alcoholic Beverages

A common issue in retail locations with high inventory levels is the optimization of space. Many buildings have limited space for storage, and the transfer of products between floors becomes difficult. Carrying product on a stairway is a safety risk, and is strenuous on employees.

This liquor retail store has a large basement space to store cases of product. Product was being moved manually by employees up and down a staircase. With growing demand for product and continual increase of inventory, the company decided to seek a highly efficient and ergonomic solution.

The company had two goals to accomplish; to ensure the safety of his employees, as well as improving the process of receiving new inventory and restocking.


After taking measurements, and getting an understanding of the application, Conveyor Solutions’ concluded that the best solution is a Hytrol model TA belt conveyor with reversing push button stations.

The new incline conveyor has significantly benefited the company by streamlining the process of cases traveling from the basement to the ground floor retail space. The conveyor transfers more cases between floors as opposed to an employee who could handle one case at a time. The conveyor has eliminated the risk of employees falling down stairs while carrying cases, while also saving them from strenuous physical activity. With a projected increase in business and the continued expansion of retail locations, this unique solution has positioned this retail location for success.



For more information about floor-to-floor solutions, contact

Mike Bartenfelder, Applications Specialist

847 840 7489



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